4” Dryer Vent

4” Dryer Vent allows easy access to remove lint, featuring a non-obtrusive vent door. Designed to funnel steam from the dryer to the outside.

SAFS-7215-7110 White, SAFS-0428-8288 Black
SAFS-5592-3678 Four Pack (4 Vents complete with four 4” pipes)



4” Dryer Vent

4” Dryer Vent is a non-obtrusive vent door. Specifically, this vent was designed to funnel the steam from a dryer to the outside. In addition, this dryer vent comes in two color choices: Black or white. These two contrasting colors will ensure you will find the right look for your home. Black is a great contrast for homes painted lighter colors, conversely white is a great contrast for darker homes.

Features and benefits:

    • Non-obtrusive vent door, beveled edges for wind deflection

    • No cross louvers to obstruct the flow of exhaust

    • Easy access to remove lint build-up

We thought of everything!

We designed this vent to include beveled edges, which means when the wind picks up, you will not be hearing clanking and banging coming from outside, because the aerodynamics of this product repel the wind. We also designed the 4” Dryer Vent without cross louvers because doing so can sometimes obstruct the flow of exhaust. Furthermore, the steam pushes the lightweight door open, allowing for the easy flow of steam from your dryer to the outdoors. With this sleek design we have thought everything out, allowing you to optimize your ventilation experience while making sure the cladding is subtle, geometrically aesthetic, and a beautiful addition to any home.

All of us at HandrailCovers.com fully understand the importance of your home. We are homeowners too, and we settle for only the highest quality and best-looking products we can find. When we design our products, we keep the homeowner in mind. We want your home to be beautiful and safe from potential problems, so we designed state of the art cladding that ensures moisture and insects do not come back to bite you years from now. You can rest assured there will be no structural problems with our high-quality siding mounts.

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