Jumbo Block - Mount Accessories

The Jumbo Block is exactly as it sounds, a Jumbo Block! The Jumbo Block creates a point to mount exterior accessories and products. Available in White.

Measures 13″ x 9″ x 1.5″.



The Jumbo Block is exactly what it sounds like – a jumbo block

The Jumbo Block creates a point to mount exterior accessories and products. This product comes in one color: white. The white color looks great on any home. The jumbo block also looks amazing on lighter-colored homes, too. If you have a house painted an off-white, or light blue, or anything in that area, the white will create for a beautiful flow to the home.

Install the Jumbo Block – mount accessories anywhere!

No matter where you install the jumbo block on the exterior of your home, rest assured it will look amazing! The Jumbo Block is 13″ x 9″ x 1.5″ and provides an organized area to hang up your yard tools. Tired of having all your gardening tools laying around in the garden outside, making the place a mess? We suggest you try the Jumbo Block. Tired of tripping over the various other tools, accessories, or products you have laying around outside your house? Hang them up on the jumbo block. This product is meant to help with organization and cleanliness around your house and yard. It is easy to install onto your exterior wall and looks great thanks to its simple, minimalistic, functional design.

All of us at HandrailCovers.com understand the importance of your home. We are homeowners too, and we settle for only the highest quality and best-looking products we can find. Cladding is all too often either ugly or does not function as it is intended to, which will cause myriad problems down the road. When we design our products, we keep the homeowner in mind. We want your home to be beautiful and safe from potential problems, so we designed state of the art cladding that ensures moisture and insects do not come back to bite you years from now. You can rest assured there will be no structural problems with our high-quality siding mounts.

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