Plant Holder for Handrail Cover - 2" x 6"

2×6 Plant Holder creates a flat surface over the curved top of the 2×6 Handrail Cover. Can be used as a planter base or simply to create a flat place to set your morning coffee.



Beautiful flowers and plants always make a great first impression! –

Plant Holder for Handrail –

Our quality Plant Holder for our Handrail Covers adds beauty to your deck or patio. Our guarantee at Handrail = Products that are made from high-quality materials that will always perform their intended function for many years.

(As a result, your porch will look remarkably stylish for all your neighbors to see!)

Plant Holder for Handrail – Features at a Glance:

    • Made of durable PVC Vinyl

    • Easy to install, Easy to clean

    • Snaps on to 2×6 Vinyl Handrail Cover to create a flat surface for planter boxes, etc.

First, it is easy to install and clean, this results in the Plant Holder being a wonderful addition. Installation is a breeze, you just snap it onto our 2 x 6 Vinyl Handrail Cover and that’s it. With the Plant Holder you can create a flat surface for planter boxes, flower pots, your coffee mug, etc.

As An Example:

For instance, have you ever been enjoying your morning coffee out on the deck and then realized you had nowhere to put your mug? Well, the Plant Holder 2×6” creates a flat surface on your curved handrail cover. Now you can put anything on the surface without concern of it sliding off. The Plant Holder makes an excellent place to put some beautiful flowers and plants. Brighten up your deck and give it some life (literally!). Potted plants will be safe on this product thanks to its flat design.  With the Plant Holder you now have somewhere to put your mug down.

In Summary:

Furthermore, The Plant Holder comes in two color choices, so you can choose either Sandalwood or White. Made of high-quality durable PVC vinyl, not only will these make a durable beautiful addition to any handrail cover around your home. These Plant Holders, like all of our products, are easy to install and easy to clean!

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Sandalwood, White

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